Busy At Work Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers

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Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers

Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers is a new Australian Government-funded initiative to enable older Australian workers and recently unemployed older Australians to remain in or re-enter the

It provides personalised advice and guidance on upskilling for a current job, transitioning into new roles within a current industry or pathways to new careers, including options for relevant education and training. It helps older workers answer the question “What’s my next career move?”

Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers is delivered nationally by BUSY at Work.

Eligible participants may access up to $2,200 from the Australian Government to fund re-skilling or up-skilling opportunities. Either the participant or their current employer must provide a co-contribution to match the government contribution. This program is available until 31 of December 2020.

Are you eligible?

  • 45-70 years old
  • Australian Citizen or permanent resident
  • currently employed or recently unemployed (less than 3 months)
  • not registered with a government employment services provide

To find out more information click the link directly below or contact Dennis Crispin on 0417 425 136.