Check in Tas App – Update on New Requirements for Businesses

Check in TAS App – Update on Requirements for Businesses from 7 July 2021

From today, Wednesday 7 July 2021, the requirements for the use of the Check in TAS App have changed. 

The requirements for a person to be at a location for at least 15 minutes before being required to us the Check in TAS app have been removed. From Today, Wednesday 7 July 2021, each time a person enters a relevant location they must use the Check in TAS app regardless of how long they stay.

From Saturday 31 July 2021, the relevant locations requiring the use of the Check in TAS app will be expanded from the current list of business and will now also include:

  • Food courts;
  • Mobile food vans and stalls, except where the van or stall is located within a retail location or a market;
  • Retail premises including shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and other similar premises;
  • Shopping centres;
  • Markets, fairs and other similar premises;
  • Libraries;
  • Schools that provide kindergarten, primary education or secondary education, with the exception of home education;
  • Child care centres, other than a child care service that is provided at a residential premises for children that live there;
  • Accommodation locations, including hotels, motels, serviced apartments, hostels, boarding houses, caravan parks, campsites and camping areas, bed and breakfasts and short stay accommodation, except where the premises is the persons’ residential premises;
  • Certain medical facilities;
  • Residential aged care facilities;
  • Certain mobile service providers who provide services at residential premises such as beauty therapist, hairdressers and personal trainers; and
  • Veterinary and animal care locations.

The requirements do not apply to:

  • A person responding to an emergency;
  • School students when they are at school or on a school excursion; and
  • Parents of children at childcare and students at kindergarten or primary school when dropping off or collecting a child or student from school.

Staff who work at any of the above premises are required to check in each day they work.

Business can register for the Check in TAS App QR code here.

Business Tasmania is providing a range of support to businesses who may require assistance regarding the app. To access this support businesses are asked to:

  • Visit Business Tas where you can download information sheets and guides regarding how to use the app
  • Call the Business Tas Hotline on 1800 440 026 and select option 2
  • Email 

Let’s keep our businesses and customers safe by using the Check in TAS app!

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