Humble Food Company

Humble Food Company is a meal delivery service based in Glenorchy serving delicious homemade vegan meals and desserts to most areas of southern Tasmania.

Kathryn Seekings launched the business after graduating from the University of Tasmania with a degree in Psychology and Business Management. She identified a niche in the market for a homemade meal delivery service and turned her focus to creating new dishes in the kitchen drawing on her cookery background as a short line and short order cook.

Last July the business really found its feet and Kathryn said it hasn’t really stopped since! She has always had a passion for cooking and has really developed her skill and flair since becoming vegan. From its ‘humble’ beginnings as an idea, the Humble Foods Company has now grown to a pace where Kathryn is preparing and delivering up to 130 meals a week and delivering to her customers around southern Tasmania.

Humble Food Company is vegan certified and offers delicious meals and desserts designed to be healthy and gluten free where possible. Kathryn has created a menu that suits singles and families and the delivery service makes it an easy choice for busy households on the go.

For her new and returning customers, the Lentil Lasagne is a massive hit and she has fun with her menu which keeps the customers entertained and eager to try new options. Other popular dishes include a veganized version of meatballs – Neatballs, and a Walnut Mushroom Bolognese. Kathryn draws on her experience in large batch cooking to effectively fulfill her meal orders without losing flavor and ensuring the output is efficient for her to complete the deliveries in time.

Many people are making and baking new dishes while staying home during the current pandemic. For budding cooks, Kathryn said her favourite egg replacer is flaxseed meal but she also finds aqua faba (from tinned chickpeas) a great substitute too.

As a solo business owner it has taken a period of adjustment for Kathryn now working from home full time. She has learned a lot about self-management and time management in growing her new business.  COVID-19 has actually seen a rise in new customers trying the service and the company continues to operate through a difficult period.

Humble Food Company is vegan certified and offers delicious meals and desserts designed to be healthy and gluten free where possible.


  • Jo Townsend says:

    Fabulous food, that is always changing for variety, whilst retaining the favourites. Kathryn’s manner makes her so easy to deal with. Well done Kathryn, your small business is a true success story.

  • elena vito says:

    How to find out the sodium content in these tempting meals. As I have Meiners disease I’m on low sodium diet so I would like to know before I order some of those wonderful meals.