Kombi Krew

The sound of silence never looked so good for Kombi Krew and their mobile transport and entertainment business.

Hitting the local Tasmanian scene in 2014, Leah and Beau are two passionate people who found themselves developing a business concept that ‘kombi-ned’ their shared love of music, community and Kombis.

It’s amazing what can happen during a magical night of dancing in Byron Bay where, unbeknownst to the merry couple, the silent disco held at the event sparked a joy that they would expand into a business and bring back with them to Tasmania.

Silent discos are an emerging phenomenon appealing to all ages and abilities. Guests can choose from multiple channels of music on their individual headsets, dancing the night away to their own personal set list. The couple have taken their unique form of entertainment to corporate events, festivals, communities and private parties packaged up in their beloved Volkswagen Kombi. Leah still can’t believe how quickly the business expanded,

“We thought we’d be doing lots of small events, mainly for our families and friends but silent discos are so inclusive and immersive, it wasn’t long before the before the larger scale events were happening. We are so humbled to be a part of so many incredible celebrations and community events.” She said.

COVID-19 brought a terrible halt to the Kombi Krew business, like many others in the entertainment and tourism business the restrictions imposed heavy losses on their income. Unlike many sectors, the continued hesitance on large gatherings, dancing and interstate travel are still affecting the ability for the pair to secure work.

“We’ve lost 75 per cent of our business income so far, the business is at a high risk right now with more and more cancellations and postponements of events” Leah said.

Not to be deterred by the cloud of uncertainty, Kombi Krew live up to the unique nature of their business enticing new customers to opt for ‘takeaway discos’ and self-hire packages that people can enjoy and celebrate safely at home.

With the gradual easing of restrictions, the innovative couple are finding ways to expand their initiatives to be part of community walks, mindfulness activities and school-based events. Their Kombi is still in use, now offering smaller group tours and in turn delivering customers to other local businesses in the area still recovering from the hurt the pandemic has caused.

This resilient business is one we are proud to have in Glenorchy. Kombi Krew are here for a good time…. and a long time.

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“We are so humbled to be a part of so many incredible celebrations and community events.”