Upcoming Small Business Workshop presented by Business South

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Online video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. Learn how to use it to grow and maximise audience engagement.

Making your own videos is also affordable & easy to do, but many small business owners are unsure how to go about it and feel uncomfortable being the face of their business. If you want to be more confident in this space and learn practical tips on how to script a great marketing video, then this “in-person” workshop is for you.

This is an “in-person” free 1/2-day session where 2 presenters for the day will discuss image as a business tool and how you can use your appearance to build rapport and underscore your credibility. You will learn practical tips to help you know what to say in front of the camera, whilst having a great video presence. No expensive equipment is needed, just bring your phone and you will leave ready to use video in your marketing. You will know how to look good, feel great on video, and feel more confident about leaving a mark in the social media space.

Katie Mackay
, an internationally trained and certified image consultant with a BA and experience in internet marketing. She ran her own SEO consultancy and now combines her interest in image as a language, with her marketing background, and teaches clients how to use their image to speak for them.
Georgie Fitzgerald, a transformational video training and mentoring coach. She is an experienced content creator who is dedicated to teaching people how to grow their business and make a real difference in the world using the power of video.

Date and Time:
Thursday 3 December 2020
10 am – 3 pm

Bellerive Yacht Club
64 Cambridge Road
Bellerive, TAS 7018

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