Mirror Image Mobile Detailing

What do a local mobile car detailer and Tasmania’s tourism industry have in common? At first glance you might think the two ideas are completely polar topics, read on to find out more about Vance and his story.

Mirror Image Mobile Detailing began in 2002. Business owner, Vance Pelham took the leap of faith to leave his long-time job and chase a business idea born from a lifetime of loving all things cars.

“Growing up there were always Fords and Holdens in the backyard. I would spend whole weekends, sunrise to sunset, watching my father and brother work on vehicles and eventually learning myself” he remembers.

Nearly two decades on Vance has built a successful detailing business in Glenorchy, he has regular customers who have stayed loyal to him for over a decade. Detailing everything from motorhomes, motorbikes, planes and jet skis; Vance has a great love of all vehicles. Everyone gets the same quality treatment and service whether it’s an elderly lady’s beloved 1975 Honda Civic or a slick 2018 Maserati!

In 2013 came an incredible opportunity when Vance was approached by Rob Pennicott of Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, the Tasmanian tourism giant, to work on cleaning and detailing his fleet of tour buses. Since then not a single night has passed that the buses have not been cleaned by Mirror Image Mobile Detailing; a long-term working relationship between two passionate and quality driven Tasmanians. Vance used to work on the buses by himself each night after a long day of detailing other vehicles. In recent years he has now grown to employ a staff to help him with the workload, but he keeps a close eye on the work!

Then, in March 2020, with a thriving business, a steady stream of loyal customers and the ongoing tour bus contract – the devastating COVID-19 pandemic hit. Almost overnight Vance lost over 80% of his incoming business in a tragic domino effect. With borders closed, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys announced their immediate closure and stopped running the buses; Vance’s regular clients moved to work from home or had lost their jobs and therefore couldn’t keep booking him as often as they once had. Vance realised that his beloved business was struggling, his staff relied on him for work and with only a basic website and no social media presence he needed to gain more new customers for the business to survive.

Luckily Mirror Image Mobile Detailing has joined the tech world thanks to an e-Commerce grant provided by Glenorchy City Council. The grant helped with the cost of rebuilding a brand-new website which showcases all the services and quality workmanship that Mirror Image Mobile Detailing provide. The company is now also on Instagram and Facebook and building their social media presence through modern advertising and competitions. Even with his own business in recovery, Vance generously gives back where he can to the community who have supported him for nearly 20 years. In a recent Facebook competition, he awarded a free Supreme Detail to a well deserving nurse as a thank you for their work on the frontline.

“I’m still hopeful for the future, I am grateful that I can re-build my business when I know other businesses haven’t been so lucky. I’m looking forward to seeing my customers again and I am thankful for the support I have received.”

Mirror Image Mobile Detailing offer a total contactless and mobile service at your home or workplace. They carry their own power and water, or alternatively offer a workshop service with free pickup and delivery if required. Contact Vance for any questions, advice or bookings on 0438 739 906 or visit the new website www.mirrorimagedetailing.com.au

“Growing up there were always Fords and Holdens in the backyard. I would spend whole weekends, sunrise to sunset, watching my father and brother work on vehicles and eventually learning myself”.