Showcase Moonah

All Activities were completed through May and June, 2021

Showcase Moonah was a creative placemaking project to activate the Moonah Hub. It funded 14 community-led projects.

The projects were delivered by local artists, creatives and innovators to promote and celebrate Moonah.

Video credit: Chandler Ding of MYCR Studios (

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Flying Oxygen

Tom Deams – Completed in May and June 2021

Tom Deams, a local street artist created 30 pieces of artwork on plywood boards that were placed around Moonah for people to discover and take home for free as their own artwork.

It was like a ‘treasure hunt’ – people had to decipher the pictorial clue of where the art could be found based on an Instagram post.

This project helped to entice people to be out and about during winter, exploring the precinct. Local knowledge helped people to find Tom’s artworks and there are now lasting mementos of the Showcase program in homes all over Moonah.

Silent DisGLOW

Kombi Krew – Complete

The Silent DisGLOW Laneway Event lit up a laneway to create a vibrant, pop up party. This event helped to launch and celebrate the 009 Lane Way activation project.  It featured two incredible performances from the Chinese Cultural Society and the Peruvian Multicultural Brotherhood. The performances were organised by the Multicultural Council of Tasmania and the DisGLOW was hosted by Komi Krew.

This event supported and showcased how night-time activation of an empty car park can bring an underused outdoor space to life, even in the middle of a chilly Tassie winter. 


Troublesmiths – Complete

Troublesmiths, a youth social enterprise full of talented Tasmanian makers, conducted an interactive making workshops at the To The North Market on 6th June 2021.

Drop in making sessions saw passes-by make a range of products themselves, and then get to take a product home, all while supporting young locals who are breaking down barriers to employment.

Troublesmiths also created a collaborative job board, situated outside of the Moonah Post Office over the months of May and June. This job board showcased young job seekers from the Troublesmiths program and fostered positive conversations around employment, skills development and work experience.

Moonah “Make your Mark” Mural

Melski – complete

The Make Your Mark Mural was a large ‘paint by numbers’ mural on the wall of a local business, Subway, in Moonah. This project was the public launch of the Showcase Moonah program.

Around 70 local community members participated in the painting process, encouraging participants from any age or skill to get involved, pick up a paint brush and help to paint the mural.

The result is a colourful mural that celebrates local flora and fauna, with the bold Moonah letters to recognise the area. The mural can be admired by all, but the people who participated in the process can say; “I helped to paint that”.

Keep a look out for it on the Subway building on your next visit to Moonah.

Guerrilla Greening

Tas Young Planners – Complete

Guerrilla Greening was an urban art and tactical urbanism project, organised by the Tasmanian Young Planners and Inspiring Place, that explored the transformational capacity of greenspace to add amenity and comfort to otherwise sparse urban spaces.

The temporary installation of plants in 15 different locations around Moonah was documented and displayed throughout the precinct for the month of June, to demonstrate possible ‘easy wins’ to enhance the urban environment.

It was an excellent collaboration that saw a local garden centre (Stonemans) loan plants, local businesses allowing the use of their space for the project and Inspiring Place provided support to the young planners.

LIVE from Moonah!

Edge Radio – Complete

Edge Radio is a community radio station and Not For Profit. To celebrate the diversity of the Moonah area it ran a street side radio broadcast Live at the ‘To the North’ market on Sunday 6th of June 2021! You can have a listen to the audio from this broadcast to hear from our local community.

Listen to Audio Here

Showcase Cultural Diversity of Moonah by Multicultural Centre of Tasmania (MCOT)

MCOT – Completed at To The North Market, Silent Disglow and the project close out event. 

The Multicultural Council of Tasmania provided four interactive music and dance performances to showcase and celebrate the cultural diversity of Moonah. These performances were added to other Showcase Moonah events to celebrate the diversity of Moonah’s people and add extra activities. The interactive performances invited public participation and add identity and colour to Moonah as a place. 

Filling Albert Road with Happiness, Culture, Dance and Sound

Video Credit – To the North Market

Oh Oh 9 Laneway Activation

Various – 5th June

A small team of local residents and business brightened and activated the laneway between Oh Oh 9 Creative Space and Choice Flooring along Albert Street.

Look out for new murals, chalkboards, planter boxes and the on-ground interactive activities. The hop-scotch game celebrates diverse cultures, with the numbers written in different languages.

The artwork was delivered by Billy Li and Krystal Tau and the planter boxes were provided by Earthworm.  This project celebrates multiculturalism, activates a bland and unused space to something fun and vibrant and also improves the safety and amenity of the area.

To the North Market

Lucy Baker –  Complete

The ‘To the North Market’ was the biggest activation of Showcase Moonah.

A volunteer committee through the leadership of Lucy Baker from St Albi’s created a local street market on Albert Road where the community could gather and showcase the Northern Suburbs. And gather they did! The Market attracted 4,500 people over the course of the day and was running at its market capacity all day.

The Market included 55 stallholders, from fresh food to products and crafts, culture, song, dance and music. It really captured, celebrated and showcased all that the Northern Suburbs have to offer. There were good vibes oozing, local street eats a plenty, songs were sung, weekly shops done and the local producers reaped what they sow! 

The To the North Market was also a platform for other Showcase grant recipients to bring their ideas to life. The following grant receipts were on display at the Market:

– Troublesmiths – Candle making workshops

– Langford Disability – Paint pouring and drum workshops

– Nexus inc – warm apple juice and apples.

– Able Australia – Rug based Moonah Sign (this is beautiful and now proudly hangs at the Multicultural Hub)

Multicultural Hub – two dance and performance groups.

Collaborate, Innovate, Celebrate

A creative initiative from Able Australia, Langford Support Services, Colony 47, Possability & Nexus Inc & Reclink – at To The North Market and on the Post office Steps

Showcase brought six local community service providers together for the first time to collaborate on a number of projects and events. The organisations were: Able Australia; Lanford Support Services; Colony 47; Possability ; Nexus Inc.; and Reclink

As a group of organizations, the activities they were involved in included ‘To the North Market’, a celebration on the steps of Moonah Post Office, the Moonah sign artistically formed by using carpet pieces (now proudly on display at the Multicultural Hub) and the Showcase Moonah closing event. 

This project will hopefully lead to future joint collaborations and activities between these organisations.

Dancin’ In The Street

Kombi Krew – Complete

‘Dancin’ In The Street’ was undertaken by the Kombi Krew and provide an opportunity for the community to partake in an interactive guided walk incorporating storytelling of the tales and testimonies of Moonah’s history, as well as an impromptu FLASHMOB! Breaking out into song and dance at various locations around Moonah.

This was such a fun activity that brought local history to life in a fun, interactive and easy way.

Bach’s Art of Fugue

Will Newberry – Complete

A quartet of professional musicians (predominantly members of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra) who live in Moonah presented and performed Bach’s Art Of Fugue, exploring one of the highest forms of classical composition. Performing on the Moonah Post Office forecourt in heavy rain (you can hear it in the video below), they explained what a fugue is, why they were so important in the history of music and how they work. Then they played one from the greatest master of contrapuntal music who ever lived. 

In keeping with the ‘Beyond the (flannelette) Curtain’ theme, the performers were resplendent in flannelette tails, tailor-made for the performance.

Street Library

Junkai Ding – Complete

The street library is a window to understand the ideas of the community. The Moonah Street library can not only help local residents understand books of different cultures, but also help local residents exchange books to promote cultural sharing and communication.

The completed Street Library is ready for you to visit at the Multicultural Council of Tasmania at 65 Hopkins Street, Moonah. 

Rainbow Road

Junkai (Kevin) Ding – Complete

A rainbow-inspired artwork was installed by local artist Jovi Chu on the pavement through Memory Lane in Moonah to brighten and activate the space. The project was led by Junkai (Kevin) Ding.

The project celebrates multiculturalism with colour to achieve cultural tolerance and diversity.

The artwork really changes this laneway, inviting people in to explore what is inside, attracting new people into this space.