TV Casting Opportunity – Does Your Restaurant Need Rescuing?

NEW TV SHOW – Calling for Applications from Restaurants that are Struggling

Channel 7 are calling for applications from Restaurants that need rescuing to be part of a new TV Show called Kitchen Nightmares.

Renowned Celebrity Chef and restaurateur COLIN FASSNIDGE is on a mission to rescue struggling restaurants across Australia in a brand new Aussie version of the hit global series Kitchen Nightmares.

Colin assures potential applicants that he won’t be playing the same role as Gordon Ramsay has on the international version of the show. “If you are after a show screaming and shouting in people’s faces, that is not what I want to do” he said.

“Restaurants across Australia have been hit hard over the past couple of years and livelihoods are on the line. I’ve learnt a fair bit in the restaurant game over the last 28 years and I can’t wait to help out a bunch of businesses with plenty of advice and a healthy does of honesty”.

With Colin’s help, your restaurant could become the hottest spot in town!

Eureka Productions (the casting producers of the show) are searching for restaurants across Australia to be part of the show. Perhaps you have received some bad reviews which are turning people off, maybe the restaurant needs a refresh, the menu or service may not be up to scratch or you might be struggling to get diners through the door for whatever reason – then this show could be for you!

So, if your business is struggling, your staff’s appetite for success has faded or your food has lost its flavour Apply Now.

Apply Now - Kitchen Nightmares