Upcoming Small Business Webinar presented by Business South

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Small Business Webinars

Business South has one more webinar before the end of the year called ‘what you need to know when starting a small business’.

What you need to know when starting in small business

If you are thinking about setting up a small business, then this webinar is a great place to start. Follow the link below and jump online on the 9 of December 2020 from 10am – 11:00am

This webinar is presented by Business South, under the “Entrepreneurship Facilitator Program” which is an Australian Government funded initiative.

Participants will learn about some of the main aspects and concepts, as well as some tips & tools, when considering setting up a small business.

Business South also offers an “Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service” to help you map out your business start-up journey. Topics of this information session include:

  • considerations before you start out
  • how to assess your business idea
  • basics of planning and marketing
  • considering small business compliance
  • how to best set yourself up for success
  • available complementary services and assistance
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